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There have been too many tragedies in this world to name them all.  I’m sure each of you reading this has been effected in some way by one or another of them.  All of us are part of God’s creation and therefore my prayers go out to the world.  The below poem expresses my feelings whether the tragedy occurs in the United States or abroad … whether it’s a man made horror or a natural disaster.  Maybe the poem will resonate with you.

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(Written by Joyce P. Fields)

Who are these souls, other than me,
The ones who are broadcast all over T.V.
Statistics who live in some bad, awful place
No person that I’ve ever seen face to face

I cry for them hoping that I’ll never be
Splattered all over national T.V.

Am I awful for feeling relieved when I’m spared
The suffering that all of the victims have shared

I pray for the people who they’ve left behind
That they will eventually find peace of mind
Maybe one day peace will reign in the land
Maybe one day we will walk hand in hand

Until that day, pray for the souls who remain
Pray we can rid earth of this ugly stain.

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Last Modified: June 15, 2013

4 thoughts on “Remember and Pray

  1. Tony Mitchell

    Lady Joyce, Thank you for your wise and loving words in prose. I’m positive that your inspiring message of hope and healing will have a global impact upon many for a better world.

  2. Pamela D. Thompson

    I pray that people are encouraged to pray everyday and not just when tragedies occur.

  3. Gail Harry

    Hey Sis, I understand your thoughts and there are many scriptures that are profound and moves me to know more everyday God reigns. A couple are:
    Psalm 119:165 Those who LOVE your instructions have GREAT PEACE & do not stumble.
    Proverb 15:11 Even Death & Destruction hold NO SECRETS from the Lord.
    God’s word says to pray unceasingly so let us do so and not concentrate on our own selfish desires. Pray, Pray, Pray

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