mark-43723_ResizedWords are powerful, but without actions they fall flat.

A talker has the solution…a doer solves problems.
A talker makes promises…a doer follows through.
A talker makes excuses…a doer takes responsibility.
A talker says “I love you”…a doer commits.
A talker says,… “I don’t have the time”…a doer sets priorities.
A talker says “you’re my friend”…a doer spends time with you face to face.
A talker takes short cuts…a doer does the hard work.
A talker says “I’ll be there”…a doer shows up.
A talker is afraid of failure…a doer fails and tries again.
A talker, talks the talk…a doer walks the walk.

Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions.  Make your words count.

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