Articles for July 2015

God Cares About The Little Things Too


God is awesome. He even cares about the little things in your life. lamps-830347_1280_pixabay

I lost something that was pretty important and prayed to God because only a miracle could have brought it back to me. I didn’t know where I had lost it. Well, turns out that I lost it in a store and the reason I’m aware of that is because the store employees had propped it up on the counter, in case someone came back looking for it. A friend of mine, went into the store and recognized the item as belonging to me. He told the store employees that he was acquainted with me and would return it. (He had to go through hoops and show I.D. and everything.)

Now what were the chances that someone I knew would have gone in the same exact store, days later and found something that belonged to me? That’s God at work.

So no matter how small, always bring your prayers to God. He really cares.